2019 Convention Photo Download Instructions


Click on the link below to learn how to get the photos.

Instructions for Downloading Photos of 2019 Conventions

To our Members:

I’ve uploaded Convention photos to a Shutterfly.com account over 500 photos from the convention that
both Dale Kavula and Cathy Harvey  took.

If you don’t already have a Shutterfly account, you’ll be able to view small versions of each photo.
In order to see larger versions (or download photos) you’ll need to create a free Shutterfly account. (No
credit card is required and no purchase is required.)

Once you sign up, you can then click on any photo to see it larger.

To download individual photos:
– From the enlarged version of the photo, click the Cloud icon in the lower RIGHT (I’ve circled it in the screen capture, below.)

When a photo is enlarged, you can also save it to your Shutterfly account by clicking the save “arrow”
icon on the lower LEFT (see icon below)


You can also save the entire album to your Shutterfly account by clicking the Save arrow at the top of
the page (see next image)






Capt. Bob Willcutts