In the over 94 year history of TWA, flight deck crew members have made, and are still making, a meritorious contribution to the history of TWA. The crew members listed hereafter, Captains, First Officers, Flight Engineers, Navigators and Flight Radio Operators were part of this passing parade but are no longer with us. Starting with 1931, they are named in annual groups by the year of their passing. Some had relatively long careers ending with normal retirement or early retirement. For others, it was a very brief career. Note that up to 1952 all deaths were while employed. Dates to the left of the name indicate the years each was on the seniority list.

Captain's Ed Betts and Bob Sherman deserves the credit for supplying this information. Ed Betts originated this section from his voluminous records, and kept it up to date through 1991. Bob Sherman had  supplied the names until 2012 when Capt. Bob Willcutts took over and is currently (2024) maintaining the list. Please advise him of any omissions or corrections at


The year of death is uncertain for the 10 under the UNKNOWN year. Please help us identify the correct year.
(Revised 01/04/2024)

Deceased for Year Unknown
Seniority Roster Start Seniority Roster End Last Name First Name
1930 1940 Ashford Theodore H.
1940 1958 Collier Clair B.
1930 1930 Seyerle Walter W.
1942 1949 Tansey Herbert W.
1931 1937 Wade Joseph R.
1940 1957 Wardlaw Thomas L.
1942 1947 Wassenberg Leo L.
1928 1939 Whitney Fredrick ''Doc''
1942 1944 Wynn Edward J.