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We have just received word that the new TWA HOTEL at JFK is now taking bookings.

Fran Diano, President of TWA Seniors Club has booked  the  weekend 8-9 and 10th  of October 2019. virtually locked in and is working on rates as we speak and all the information will be in the next Skyliner.  If you’ve been getting a Skyliner  you are a Seniors member and your dues date is on the address label. They’re holding up publishing until they can lock in the room rates for the next issue which will be coming out shortly. She is working on meeting rooms and the banquet rooms.  Please send her your interest and room night requirements.

The TWA Hotel is finally accepting reservation.  I have been in contact with them and as of this morning it would appear our convention will take place October 8,9, and 10 of 2019.  I have requested as always that our rate will apply 3 days pre and post.  I hope to have room rates, etc within the week.  Please forward me your interest and requirements for your group.
Number of room night you anticipate needing, meeting room requirements, and any suggestions you may have.  I look forward to working with you all.
Up, Up and Away.
Best regards

Stay tuned and check our websites.




After several months of experience with our new website, I have revised the DIRECTORY INSTRUCTIONS page.  It should be easier to follow and I hope it will prevent you frustration at LogIn for the first time and problems with changing your password.  I believe if you follow the steps carefully and read carefully, you should be able to log in without problems.

Remember:  For Intial Log In you must use the email address that you had on record with the old website.  The ‘username” must be that email.   Your Password must be your old PASSPHRASE used on the old website. (example: “averageredcat” case sensitive.)

If you still have problems be sure to email me with a valid current email address.



As you may know the MAY 2018 TWA TOPICS was mailed and should arrive in your mailbox soon.  If you don’t receive your issue, please check to see if your dues are current for 2018.  Many members or former members are trying to log into our website but fail as they have not paid their dues for several years or have forgotten their required log in info.  Your email address is REQUIRED as your Username.  Your password should be your previous passphrase in the old system.  If you do not remember that, just click on FORGOT PASSWORD and follow the instructions.  Contact Webmaster at if you have difficulty.


Spring is officially here, however………it is still blowing and snowing as I type.

Our On-Line Directory has been updated and reflects our current 2018 membership.  Remember, if your dues have not been paid for 2018 you may not appear in nor have access to the DIRECTORY.  Check you status for 2018.  The May issue of TWA TOPICS is coming together quickly and if you have any article, stories, photos, etc. to share, please send them to your Editor, Bill Kirschner as soon as possible.  If you have problems with logging in to the website, please read the Log In instructions first then after failure, email the Webmaster, Bob Willcutts



We hope you enjoyed the TWA TOPICS for November.  Our Editor, Bill Kirschner , continues his hard work which allows all of us to enjoy some great stories and current happenings with many of our colleagues.  Please note that the FLOWN WEST SURVIVORS checklist was updated and you can view and download from the MEMBERS menu item at the top of home page.

We wish to remind you, again, 2018 Dues are past due.  Please remit if you wish to remain an active member and access the DIRECTORY.

The 2017 Convention Photos are available under the GALLERY.


12/15/2017   ANNUAL DUES   are DUE on January 1st. 

Just a reminder to be sure to send in your 2018 dues.  Check you November 2017 issue of TWA Topics

and find the yellow pre-addressed envelope.   Send your dues to Ed Madigan, Treasurer.

PO BOX 3565

If you are having trouble logging in to the website please note that your USERNAME will be your EMAIL ADDRESS that you had on file

on the old site. Your new PASSWORD will be your old PASSPHRASE.  Once you successfully log in your will be taken to your

PROFILE page and you can update everything except the USERNAME.  After reaching the home page, look for the DIRECTORY icon

near the upper left of the screen (in black area).   Also, to log out, look for the log out menu, and the edit my profile menu in the upper right

of your screen.

Capt. Bob Willcutts, Webmaster



The 2017 Convention in San Diego was a success.  Photos will be published in the TWA TOPICS and online when received.

Now we are looking ahead to the 2018 Caribbean Cruise Dec 1 thru 8, 2018.  Check this website for the latest information.

Capt. Bob Willcuts, Webmaster



It has been a few months in the making but we are finally up and running at our new Host Server as of October 20, 2017.

Please take some time to browse the menu items by hovering over labels.  If there are sub menus such as in MEMBER, they will fly out for selection.

Please review the DIRECTORY INSTRUCTIONS before attempting to log in to the DIRECTORY.

We expect few problems and if you do have problems, read the instructions again and read any other “help” items that may appear. Sometimes refreshing your screen (F5) will solve some issues.


Capt. Bob Willcuts, Webmaster