TWA Retired Pilots Association

2019 Annual TWA Christmas Party

Good morning everyone!

I will send out a list and a new flyer this weekend but we have confirmed with the hotel that they will give us the same rate as last year, $89.99, which also includes the continental breakfast. There is discussion whether the shuttle will be able to be offered. Ron will have that information this weekend. In the meantime if you make your reservation, please use “TWA retired reunion” when you book to get the reduced rate. The hotel phone number is (949) 493-5661.

Does anyone have an estimate of how many did stay at the hotel last year? Since Ron and I did not stay at the hotel we were not able to give the new management an idea of how many rooms we booked. If you did stay there and can give me an estimate of how many others stayed, I would appreciate it!

Alex will send me the updated flyer and I will update the list. Please continue to send your checks. $40 per person. So looking forward to seeing you all December 11!

Ron and Kathy Adams
610 Calle Real
San Clemente, CA 92673