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From Capt. John Duhig

Hi Guys,

Everyone on my list gets these e-mails.  I realize that many of you are in far distant ports and will not attend.  I just want all to get the info, and there is no way on earth I could properly separate the list.  🙂

We are over the minimum guarantee of 75, so things look good, as a minimum.  That does not mean we stop.  Please consider joining us and let them know now you are coming.  They need to give a count in a few days.  The restaurant always plans for several over and above.   Billy, call em and register!!!

Gonna be great.!

You will get further updates as more reservations arrive

Gene and Gail York are offering TWA Final Departure wine glasses for a raffle.  Thanks, Guys. I purchased 4 of them years ago, and they are beautiful.  No, you can’t have mine.  LOL

Steve Leonard has some beautiful TWA flyers for sale.  Ask him about those.

See you in a little over a week,




December has come so quickly this year and we are about to close out 2018.  You should have received your November 2018 issue of TWA TOPICS by now and you will find it a very interesting issue. Thanks to our Editor, Capt. Bill Kirschner and the many contributors.  Please note the yellow envelope in the magazine which is for mailing your 2019 dues.  Your annual dues are payable by January 1, 2019.  Here is an excerpt from the By-Laws:


1. Annual dues for REGULAR members shall be $50.00 per calendar year except that annual dues for EAGLES and SUBSCRIBERS shall be $40.00. New members joining prior to September shall pay full dues. New members joining September and later shall be credited for the following year. (2007)

2. Any member or “Subscriber” who is three calendar months in arrears on his dues shall, after notification by the Secretary and/or Treasurer, have his membership in the “Association” terminated. (1986)(2015)”



Just received word that the November TWA TOPICS has been sent to the Printer.  Included in the magazine is new information regarding our next Annual Convention.  You will find a link under CONVENTIONS for the 2019 Annual Convention.  Be sure to check this out!

The TRAVEL GUIDE link contains updated info and clarification of the use of D1 Vacation Passes.  Click on the photo of the aircraft at bottm right corner of page.

On behalf of The Association Staff and myself, we wish you a Happy Thanksgiving  –Capt. Bob Willcutts



Just finished watching “Oceans 8” with Sandra Bullock.  There is a few scenes during the first few minutes of the film which were filmed in the NEW TWA Terminal.  Really looks nice!


Minutes of the September 19, 2018 Board Meeting Conference call has been posted under “BOD Meeting Minutes”

For those who are going on the 2018 Convention/Cruise, I have posted the “Schedule of All Events 2018”  under the 2018 Caribbean Cruise menu.

The Embassy Suites has a complimentary airport shuttle 24/7.  The shuttle departs the hotel every 30 minutes on the hour and half hour.  For pick-up our guests should go to the 2nd floor Departure Level and look for the designated Hotel Shuttle Pick-up sign.  Look for a white van with the Embassy Suites logo.  It’s not necessary to call the hotel but just in case the phone numbers (305)-634-5000.

For return flights we recommend that guest do not book anything earlier than 11:00AM.



We have just received word that the new TWA HOTEL at JFK is now taking bookings.

Fran Diano, President of TWA Seniors Club has booked  the  weekend 15, 16, 17th  of October 2019 for the TWA  AGM and Convention.  She has locked in room  rates of  $225.00 per room per night for all rooms. The room rate will apply for 3 days prior and 3 days post convention.Check the TWA Seniors. Org website for more details. All the information will be in the next Skyliner.  If you’ve been getting a Skyliner  you are a Seniors member and your dues date is on the address label. They’re holding up publishing until they can lock in the room rates for the next issue which will be coming out shortly. She is working on meeting rooms and the banquet rooms.  Please send her your interest and room night requirements.

Finally I can tell you we have the dates for our AGM and Convention at the TWA Hotel at JFK in 2019.  I just got off the phone a few minutes ago and have confirmed the dates will be October 15, 16 and 17,with a room rate of  $ 225.00 per room, per night for all room types.  The rate will apply for 3 days pre and 3 days post convention.   The hotel reservation system is not  up and running yet, so watch the January Skyliner for instructions on making your individual room reservations and for your registration form.
Please send me your groups requirements as far as expected room night need, meeting space for each group and also if you need to have any type of dinner for your individual club.
I am available by phone at 702 234 5145 or email
I look forward to working with all of you to make this a memorable convention.
Best regards,

Stay tuned and check our websites.




After several months of experience with our new website, I have revised the DIRECTORY INSTRUCTIONS page.  It should be easier to follow and I hope it will prevent you frustration at LogIn for the first time and problems with changing your password.  I believe if you follow the steps carefully and read carefully, you should be able to log in without problems.

Remember:  For Intial Log In you must use the email address that you had on record with the old website.  The ‘username” must be that email.   Your Password must be your old PASSPHRASE used on the old website. (example: “averageredcat” case sensitive.)

If you still have problems be sure to email me with a valid current email address.