Here is the first missive from Kathy re the San Juan Capistrano (southern California) Christmas Party. Thanks for sending, Kathy, Let us know when/where to send you our hard earned cash..

In a message dated 9/22/2018 4:16:22 PM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

Hello everyone!

It is that time again! I hope this finds you all well!. We will be paying our deposit shortly with the El Adobe for our 17th (or is it 18th?) Annual TWA Party! DECEMBER 12, 2018. Hold the date and look for more information coming to you shortly. Alex – can you put together a flyer for us? I will forward the Hotel information to you.

Our cost will go up $5 a person from $35 to $40. They have kept our costs low for many years and allowed me to “negotiate” the numbers on the night of the party – what they prepared for versus who we actually have show up. I hope to continue to be able refund members who have to cancel at last minute.

More information to come – please pass on the date DECEMBER 12, 2018 to anyone that I may not reach – looking forward to seeing you all.

Kathy and Ron Adams