November 3, 2017

First off, I would like to send many thanks to Dusty and Lee West for all the work they have done for the retired pilots of TWA and the Board. Thanks also to our Hospitality Director and longest serving Board Member, Bob Dedman and his wife Ilse. Question: Bob, do you have a patent on your Tarpatini? Do we pay a royalty for everyone served at all future functions?

Extending additional thanks to Past Presidents Bill Kirschner and Guy Fortier, Senior Director Charlie Wilder (and wife Helen); Second Vice President, Bob Kavula (and wife Dale), Treasurers Ed Madigan (and wife Susy) and Jim Roe (and wife Karen), and Vicki McGowen, our "Meeting Planner-In-Chief." Also, a big thank you to all the wives who put in much time and effort making our events work seamlessly: Lee West, Helen Wilder,
Ilse Dedman, Stephanie Cook, Karen Roe and Gail York. Many thanks (and much apologies) if I left anyone out. The person who continues to go above and beyond for our Convention Banquets is Susy Madigan she
turns our tables into works of art thank you, Susy!

Last but not least, thank you to all those who volunteered their time. I don't know what you all do just yet, but I'll be finding out. With any luck, you'll find your picture in this issue (see San Diego Convention photos on pages 26-29).

We've got some exciting things planned for the future. In August, a group of us traveled to Toronto Canada, Niagara Falls and Buffalo, N.Y. to investigate possible sites for the 2019 Convention. Where would you like to go? Is anyone interested in Seattle again? Let us know and we'll review the possibilities there are lots of choices out there!
In December 2018, we'll be cruising the Caribbean out of Miami. See pages 7-10 for more details. It would be great to see more TWA Retirees in attendance. New Year's Resolution: Contact former acquaintances and encourage
their participation in our reunions! We have a fabulous time, and it would be awesome to see more of our old friends, not to mention meeting new friends who are all part of the New American Airlines.

I am looking forward to hearing from everyone!


Capt. E. E. "Gene" York
President, TWA Retired Pilots Association

Edited by Bob Willcutts (06/23/2018 13:32 PM)