Revised: June 23, 2018

The procedure for reporting a pilotís death is for survivors to call American Airlines Benefits Service Center 1-888-860-6178. The primary reason for that is to determine eligibility for Insurance benefits. They will want complete information on the deceased and the beneficiary; that is, full names & address's and Social Security numbers of both, along with the date and cause of death, beneficiariesí relationship to the deceased plus funeral home information. Beneficiary will later have to submit a certified copy of the death certificate. Initial contact must be by telephone. American Airlines wants voice contact. Have the information at hand before the call. If beneficiary is unable to call, and if someone else calls for them, beneficiary must be on hand.

The TWA Pilots "Flown West Survivors Checklist" is available on our website: Click Here for Checklist

TWA Retired Pilots Association maintains basic Pilot information. TRPA uses the information for the Flown West section of TWA TOPICS, and also for inclusion in the In Remembrance page on our TRPA Website and also in the Directory. All TRPA Members should save this notice and provide a copy for their family members. Family members and friends may send Memorials for TRPA Members who have Flown West to:

Capt. Bob Willcutts, Webmaster@tarpa.com
Capt. Bill Kirschner, topicsedit@icloud.com

Or by mail to:

Capt. Bob Willcutts
3 Dale Terrace
Sandwich, MA, 02563.

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