I have received some wonderful news today! The DAP made the top 30 list of 401k plans amongst a group of top employers offering 401ks. I would appreciate it if you could share the news with your colleagues. Please take a look at the link below. Recipients of the 2015 Best in Class 401(k) Plans designation were selected from more than 4,500 plans responding to PLANSPONSOR’s annual Defined Contribution (DC) Survey. 401(k) plans were evaluated and scored on more than 30 criteria related to plan design, oversight/governance, and participant outcomes.

“Congratulations once again on being selected as one of PLANSPONSOR’s 2015 “Best in Class” 401(k) plans. The complete list of winners was published this week on www.plansponsor.com (see: http://www.plansponsor.com/PLANSPONSOR-Announces-2015-Best-in-Class-401k-Plans/), and the associated print content will be the cover story of the May issue of PLANSPONSOR magazine.”

I will include the news of this honor in the July Heads Up Newsletter. I have attached a preview of the April Heads Up newsletter that will go out April 27th with your quarterly statements.

This recognition is the result of a commitment to excellence by the Board, former Executive Directors and fine service providers through the years. Joe started the journey in 1993 and Marty carried the torch. The RMD Election letter generated calls from most of the long-timers in this plan who have accumulated a nice nest egg through this plan. The calls brought to light so many success stories and compliments from the pilots to the Board, Joe and Marty for saving their retirement and shaping it into a “Best in Class” 401(k) plan!


Michelle Silberberg
The Directed Account Plan
Executive Director